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Magnetic Core

  1. NiZn series
  2. MnZn series
  3. Transformer series
  4. Mpp and Supemss series

*Download: Catalogue of Ferrite Core  (7.55MB)
(Magnetic Inc. ARNOLD DONGBU) of Mpp Core  and High Flux and Sendust Core  (93.4KB)

1. NiZn series

Materials in this factory are mainly RM2.3kD,RM2.4kD,RM10k and series of RF. The RM2.3kD and RM2.4kD are power ferrite materials whose property reaches the level of Pc40 and Pc44 from TDK company. The RM10k is high permeability material whose property reaches the level of T38 from German Siemens company. The RF series of 10 specifications material, which is initiated in China and was awarded to first prize in scientific progress by the Ministry, is an anti-electronic interference material. Materials mentioned-above are worldwide advanced level in the middle of 1990s.Elements made of the materials are mainly cores with shapes of RM, EPC, EP, EFD, U, PQ, PTS, EC, pot, spiral, SMD, etc. There are more than 1,000 specifications. At present, its annual production ability of core is 2,000 tons, and will increased to 5,000 tons by the end of "Tenth-five"years.













Rod Cores


Toroidal Cores


Bead Cores


Split Cores For Round Cable


Split Core For Flat cable


One Piece Core For Flat Cable or F.P.C

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2. MnZn series















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4. Mpp and Supemss series

(Magnetic Inc. ARNOLD DONGBU) of Mpp Core  and High Flux and Sendust Core  (93.4KB)

Professional Manufacturer American MAGNETICS ,Korea CSC :the sale agent of Sendust Core , High Flux, MPP Core
short lead time. delivery Place :China mainland or Hong Kong competitive price

Sendust Core Type?/strong>

CS035060 CS035075 CS035090 CS035125 CS039060 CS039075 CS039090 CS039125 CS046060 CS046075 CS046090 CS046125 CS063060 CS063075 CS063090 CS063125 CS066060 CS066075 CS066090 CS066125 CS067060 CS067075 CS067090 CS067125 CS068060 CS068075 CS068090 CS068125 CS078060 CS078075 CS078090 CS078125 CS096060 CS096075 CS096090 CS096125 CS097060 CS097075 CS097090 CS097125 CS102060 CS102075 CS102090 CS102125 CS112060 CS112075 CS112090 CS112125 CS127060 CS127075 CS127090 CS127125 CS166060 CS166075 CS166090 CS166125 CS172060 CS172075 CS172090 CS172125 CS203060 CS203075 CS203090 CS203125 CS229026 CS229060 CS229075 CS229090 CS229125 CS234096 CS234060 CS234075 CS234090 CS234125 CS270026 CS270060 CS270075 CS270090 CS270125 CS330026 CS330060 CS330075 CS330090 CS330125 CS343026 CS343060 CS343075 CS343090 CS343125 CS358060 CS358075 CS358090 CS358125 CS400026 CS400060 CS400075 CS400090 CS400125 CS467026 CS467060 CS467075 CS467090 CS467125 CS468026 CS468060 CS468075 CS468090 CS468125 CS508026 CS508060 CS508075 CS508090 CS508125 CS571026 CS571060 CS571075 CS571090 CS571125 CS572026 CS572060 CS572075 CS572090 CS572125 CS777026

High Flux Type?/strong>

CH035125 CH035147 CH035160 CH039125 CH039147 CH039160 CH046060 CH046125 CH046147 CH046160 CH063026 CH063060 CH063125 CH063147 CH063160 CH066026 CH066060 CH066125 CH066147 CH066160 CH067026 CH067060 CH067125 CH067147 CH067160 CH068026 CH068060 CH068125 CH068147 CH068160 CH078026 CH078060 CH078125 CH078147 CH078160 CH096026 CH096060 CH096125 CH096147 CH096160 CH097026 CH097060 CH097125 CH097147 CH097160 CH102026 CH102060 CH102125 CH102147 CH102160 CH112026 CH112060 CH112125 CH112147 CH112160 CH127026 CH127060 CH127125 CH127147 CH127160 CH166026 CH166060 CH166125 CH166147 CH166160 CH172026 CH172060 CH172125 CH172147 CH172160 CH203026 CH206060 CH203125 CH203147 CH203160 CH229026 CH229125 CH229147 CH229160 CH234026 CH234060 CH234125 CH234147 CH234160 CH270026 CH270125 CH270147 CH270160 CH330026 CH330125 CH330147 CH330160 CH343026 CH343060 CH343125 CH343147 CH343160 CH358026 CH358125 CH358147 CH358160 CH400026 CH400060 CH400125 CH400147 CH400160 CH467026 CH467060 CH467125 CH467147 CH467160 CH468026 CH468060 CH468125 CH508026 CH508060 CH508125 CH508147 CH508160 CH572026 CH572060 CH572125 CH572147 CH572160 CH777026 CH777060 CH777125

MPP Core Type?/strong>

CM035125 CM035147 CM035160 CM035173 CM039125 CM039147 CM039160 CM039173 CM046060 CM046125 CM046147 CM046160 CM046173 CM063026 CM063060 CM063125 CM063147 CM063160 CM063173 CM066026 CM066060 CM066125 CM066147 CM066160 CM066173 CM067026 CM067060 CM067125 CM067147 CM067173 CM068026 CM068060 CM068125 CM068147 CM068160 CM068173 CM078026 CM078060 CM078125 CM078147 CM078160 CM078173 CM096026 CM096060 CM096125 CM096147 CM096160 CM096173 CM097026 CM097060 CM097125 CM097147 CM097160 CM097173 CM102026 CM102060 CM102125 CM102147 CM102160 CM102173 CM102200 CM112026 CM112060 CM112125 CM112147 CM112173 CM127026 CM127060 CM127125 CM127147 CM127160 CM127173 CM166026 CM166060 CM166125 CM166147 CM166160 CM166173 CM172026 CM172060 CM172125 CM172147 CM172160 CM172173 CM203026 CM203060 CM203125 CM203147 CM203160 CM203173 CM229026 CM229060 CM229125 CM229147 CM229160 CM229173 CM234026 CM234060 CM234125 CM234147 CM234160 CM234173 CM270026 CM270060 CM270125 CM270147 CM270173 CM330026 CM330060 CM330125 CM330147 CM330160 CM330173 CM343026 CM343060 CM343125 CM343173 CM343160 CM343173 CM358026 CM358060 CM358125 CM358147 CM358160 CM358173 CM400026 CM400060 CM400125 CM400147 CM400160 CM400173 CM467026 CM467060 CM467125 CM467147 CM467160 CM467173 CM508026 CM508060 CM508125 CM508147 CM508160 CM508173 CM572026 CM572060 CM572125 CM572147 CM572160 CM572173 CM777026 CM777060 CM777125

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